All You Need to Know About Touch Screen Technology!

Today, technology has reached new dimensions in every field, whether we talk about electrical devices or the appliances we used in our homes. Modern technology is focused towards the betterment of our everyday life, now we can control almost all our devices with just a touch of our finger. Well, touchscreen devices are today’s trend as they are continually getting better and better with changing times and almost everyone is using them in their day to day life.

When the smartphone came for the first time in the market, the touchscreen used by manufacturers was resistive touchscreens. The technology we are using right now in our Smartphones is capacitive touchscreen technology which is capable of completing multiple instructions at the same time which is not possible in resistive touchscreen technology.

Today, many types of touchscreens are available in the market with different characteristics and specialties, some of them work on infrared beams and on the other hand some works on sound and light waves. If you’re curious to know how these touchscreens work, then for your help we have listed selected touchscreen techniques and also the principals on which they work which is mentioned below.

Types of Touchscreen Technology

We all are familiar with touchscreen technology, as it is not a new concept for us; wherever we go today we are surrounded by several touchscreen devices like ATMs, Smartphones, iPads etc.

Maybe you don’t know how many types of touchscreens technologies are there and how they work, that’s why we have made a list of some touchscreen technologies, we are using in our everyday life as mentioned below:

  • Resistive Touchscreen Technology

This is one of the most common and extensively used technology, we can simply experience while shopping in supermarkets or while withdrawing cash from an ATM. If we analyze how resistive touchscreen works then there are two parallel conductive electronic layers.

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In which the upper layer is flexible and simply made of a soft plastic material which bends towards the lower layer which is made of glass and separated by small dots called spacers.

When we touch the screen then the upper layer bends towards the lower one and the electrical current which flows through the yellow layers behind the upper screen changes the direction and that change is identified by the software which completes your request in the end.

  • Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

We all use a capacitive touchscreen in our Android Smartphones, which mainly works on the electric current in all the four corners of the screen, capacitive touchscreen don’t use the pressure of your finger but they work on the electric current flowing in our skin.

These screens mainly consist of layers of glass in which both the inner and outer layer have electric currents and when we touch the screen with our hands the electric flow changes, they only work when touched with something which holds an electrical charge.

When we touch anywhere on the screen electric voltage suddenly drops at that point and the software will recognize the location and orders for the correct action. These screens are manufactured from copper and indium tin oxide as these substances can store electrical charges in a grid of very thin wires probably thinner than a human hair.

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  • Infrared Touchscreen Technology

An Infrared touchscreen mainly works without any multiple layers on the screen only infrared light beams can complete your touch commands accurately, there are countless LEDs and light detector photocells are mainly organized and placed on the opposite sides of the screen.

The LED always shines with infrared light on screen front and if you touch the screen with your hand or any other item, a microchip which is placed inside can catch where you’ve touched and also recognize as well which infrared light beams are interrupted and take the actions accordingly.

  • Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

Unlike other touchscreen, techniques surface acoustic wave technology mainly spot the sound waves instead of light. These are high pitched sound waves, which humans will not be able to hear. These sound waves are everywhere on the surface of the screen and reflect back even from the edges of the screen as well.

When you simply touch the screen that touch is identified by the microchip controller on the screen as a mere imbalance of sound beams can activate the controller which easily find out where exactly you have touched.

  • Optical Touchscreen Technology

There are multiple optical sensors which simply detect a slight touch even before your finger made a contact with the screen; a slight or light touch is enough as optical touchscreens don’t need electrical currents to work.

Whether you’re making a contact with the optical screen with your finger or any other object it recognizes almost every object coming towards the screen and respond accordingly.

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With the help of touchscreen technology we can even complete some of the most complex tasks with ease, today we are using touchscreen devices in almost all the sectors like in banking, railway kiosks, voting, groceries or even in the military as well.

When it comes to touchscreens how can we forget about beloved smartphones without with we can’t live for a minute, today we are capable of completing several tasks at the same time on our smartphones as capacitive touchscreens can complete multiple tasks at the same time which are used in our smartphones. Check more blogs here.