Five Things that are not Possible to do Without Gravity!

Have you ever imagined what would be life without gravity? Yeah, in our childhood when we were taught about gravity, instead of focusing on the importance of gravity, we use to imagine the other part i.e. when there will be no gravity. That time we have taken it as a fun visualizing the scene that what would be life; we will be flying around, play games in the air, do flips etc but if think this fact seriously then, how difficult the life would be without gravity. Your necessary things could get stuck to some places or would be flying somewhere, how difficult it would be to manage even your basic daily routine.

In short, we can say that our universe is incomplete without gravity. It is the force that is binding on all the things that exist in this universe. In life, everything runs well when it is balanced. Similarly, if the gravity is doubled that would also be a problem because all the things would become heavier than their actual weight whereas if there’s no gravity at all then you can well experience what hell is?

Let’s check out below some of the basic things that are absolutely not possible to do without gravity and they are as follows:

# Sleeping

It would be very problematic as if you wanna turn your side, it would not be that easy as it was due to gravity when you were able to easily turn or toss as per your desire. Hence, you won’t be able to even relax properly. How immensely you’d be tired of keeping yourself balanced to a place and still your sleep would not be safe.

You may fly around here and there which would definitely disturb your sleep. The most important thing that you would not be in a proper sleeping posture, hence, would not able to sleep well.

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# Eating

You can’t imagine enjoying your favorite pizza relaxing on the couch. When there will be no gravity, everything including your food items will be flying in the air and you have to put in immense efforts to get to your food and first of all, cooking would be very difficult or impossible. How you’ll prepare the stuff when nothing is at a balanced state. Hence, we would die if we’ll not consume anything.

# Showering

Imagine the situation when you will not bath for several days, how stinky you’d be, a lot of infections, you can’t even wash your hands and what disgusting life will become. Even drinking water will become difficult and it will be foolish if you think to change and wear washed clothes. People will not be able to adjust because of the enormous stinky smell. Eventually, this would lead to several diseases and problems.

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# Crying

You could not even cry due to lack of gravity as the tears will ball up around the eyes and you need to wipe them immediately. That means it is even difficult to express your emotions. Though the things that would happen in the absence of gravity are worth crying here you are not free enough to express your emotions and could cry.

# Brushing

Brushing could be very difficult as even though you manage somehow to brush but then washing your brush after use is a bit difficult task. Your expressions will for sure change if we tell you that the astronauts in space after brushing how they rinse their brush, they actually fill their mouth with water somehow and spit on their toothbrush to wash it off.

Above mentioned were the basic five things which are not possible to do without gravity. Hence, you must have come to know, what is the importance of gravity? Also, a lack of which what could be the circumstances you ought to face.

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From the article above, you must have realized how difficult the life could be without gravity, in short, the life is unsustainable without gravity. You can well imagine how astronauts manage their work in space. Though they have specialized suits and stuff to make their work bit easy but not completely easy at all and they do their operations sustaining in those typical conditions. In our childhood we wished we could get this without gravity situation where we could fly around, play games, have fun, do a lot of amazing stuff but apart from a joke, you must have realized how difficult the life is without gravity.

Therefore, thank God for all the wonderful things we are blessed with and especially this beautiful and wondrous earth. We have always given importance and focused for necessities on oxygen, water, food etc but now we also know that how much gravity is also important. To avail all the necessities to sustain life the most important thing other than oxygen, water is GRAVITY.