Siri vs Google Assistant: The Battle of the Voice Assistants!

Everyone in the world is looking forward to taking the best services from virtual assistant apps, but the question arises that right now all these virtual assistant apps like Google assistant or Siri are efficient enough to answer almost all your questions. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is our future and one of the biggest revolutions we’ve ever experienced in Smartphone applications.

When it comes to Android, Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistant apps providing its services to users right now and similarly, in Apple, Siri is ahead of other competitive apps. After Google has announced that Google Assistant will now work in Apple products as well, it gave birth to the biggest debate apple Siri vs google now which is going to be the best.

Probably it is hard to decide who is better, when it comes to Google assistant vs Siri, as they both have their own specialization and working techniques. That’s why we did the comparison between ok google vs Siri and have tried to find out Siri vs Google assistant, who’s better.

Which is Better Siri or Google Assistant?

Right now so many virtual assistant apps are available for both Android and iOS users, but for Google, you can rely only on Google Assistant. Siri is better for iOS users of course, while Siri is limited to iOS users only, Google assistant can work in both android and iOS devices. While Siri is much older than Google assistant and providing its services to millions of iOS users around the world, Assistant is the latest addition in Google’s virtual assistant technology and can complete your day to day tasks like sending emails, making calls, browsing the web and even answer questions.

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It is obvious that Apple’s own Siri has some distinct benefits over newcomer Google Assistant, but you just can’t deny the hidden potential in Google assistant which it has proved in recent times and due to this Google Assistant becomes the first choice of several users when it comes to virtual assistant apps. Right now it is difficult to declare what is better Apple Siri or Google for several smartphones users around the world, basically, it is time to time updates and better logical and reasoning skills which make Google Assistant or Siri best in virtual assistant apps category.

Is Google Assistant Better than Siri?

In the present time there are many options available, if you desperately want to take services of a virtual assistant like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. There are lots of ways from which you can test the smartness and accuracy of personal assistant apps for example like throwing random questions on them, math problem or asking them to tell a simple bed time story.

According to a survey done by digital marketing agencies, Google Assistant is capable of answering almost 75% questions on the other hand Siri gave only 40% answers. So it is clear that Google Assistant emerged as a clear winner in terms of responsiveness and providing solutions.

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Comparison Table of Google Assistant vs Siri Basis of Comparison Google Assistant Siri
1. When we give voice Commands Easily understands Can be better
2. Percentage of answers we receive 75% 40%
3. If we ask similar questions The answers are same All answers are different
4. Changing the subject while questioning Google stay on the subject Siri got confused
5. While asking logical questions Google gave web links Siri answered them all
6. When you ask for a translation Google can translate Siri can’t
7. When you ask to remind something Google remembers Siri forgets

Why is Siri better than Google?

There is no doubt that Siri is getting better and better with changing times and continually increasing its database by collecting all the information from worldwide users. Right now for all Apple products, Siri is one of the best virtual assistant apps and after the arrival of Google Assistant, competition for Siri in the virtual assistant market is increased tremendously.

But Siri has long been working as a virtual assistant app in several Apple products, which gives Siri an extra edge over other similar virtual assistant apps.

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Why is Google Better than Siri?

Although Google Assistant is basically new in the market but in terms of responsiveness and capability of clarifying the queries, far better than other virtual assistant app right now prevailing in the Android market.

When you ask Google for any particular task or questions in 75% cases you will get the most suitable solutions (according to the survey results, done by marketing agency) and in case if you ask Google to remember something for you, then Google Assistant is simply the best and remembers almost everything for you in accordance with the date.


Maybe it’s too early to judge what is better Siri or Google for all the users willing to take the services of virtual assistant apps in their Smartphones. It is pretty difficult to conclude as well that is google equivalent to Siri? As both virtual assistants, Google and Siri have their own qualities and area of specialization.

As per the facts, Google Assistant is leading the race because Google has one of the largest databases in the whole world and also takes lead in user database as compared to Siri. It is possible that in the near future with the increasing technological trends in virtual assistance techniques you may get even better services and may witness the potential these virtual assistant apps have promised. Check more blogs here.