Know the Reason Why Tinder Match Disappeared!

Tinder we know is the best dating site in air these days. It’s a wonderful app for meeting new people and it makes two million matches every single day. There are many apps that resemble tinder but no other app is efficient enough to beat tinder. It is been given the title as the ‘world’s hottest app’.

This app is like a tool or middlemen that basically do work of making connections between the interested users. The chat that takes place in tinder could either be formal or informal. The chat of course takes place when both of the users will swipe right and if the swipe is at left then of course there isn’t any scene that has to be discussed on.

It is a common problem been faced by many tinder users that their match get disappeared. Imagine you have got a superb match and you are in the middle of the wonderful conversation and suddenly there’s a boom, all got disappeared; what’s the reason? What might have happened suddenly? As such there could be many reasons responsible for this cause, some of which are listed below:

# They Unmatched

It is the most common reason one could think of. It lead to many assumptions like may be the person hasn’t looked carefully to your profile earlier and in a hurry swiped right or it could be a case that there’s something you might have said in the conversation which is not liked by the other person so s/he might have unmatched you. If this case also happens don’t let your heart go small as whatever happens, happens for the good.

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# Account Might Have Been Deleted

It may be a possibility that your match have deleted the account. There’s also a possibility that your match has resumed back again to tinder but now the love has been swiped off.

# It Could be a Tinder Bug

Many of the users must have faced this problem that their whole match list got disappeared suddenly. Though some of the users of tinder might have tried to resume it back by restarting it several times and eventually might have got succeeded. If this thing happens to you then it could be a technical problem.

# Your Tinder Might Have Blocked You

It could be a case, that your tinder might be annoyed with you because you have said something in chat or due to your abnormal or annoying answering. That’s why your tinder match disappeared.

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Apart from the other reasons the most common and important reason why your tinder match disappeared is ‘unmatched’. This point would have happened due to the following reasons that are as follows:

  • Loss of Interest

May be your match has unmatched you, reason could be you might be very boring , it had lost interest in you or may be it felt that you are not fit for each other.

  • By Mistake Swiped Left

If your tinder match gets disappeared, it could be chance that in a hurry or by mistake your match must have swiped you left and is not intentional but you ought to see its consequence.

  • Impatience

Patience is the key to success but impatience can sometimes lead to hazardous results. It might have happened that you have been impatient at a particular stage and this might have spoiled your match’s interest or you must have asked for your match’s contact number quite early which could have projected your wrong image and the person might have thought that you are not its perfect match.

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  • Under Communication

If there is a lack of communication or under communication, it could be a case that your match or tinder in some time may lose interest in you and it could be one the reason it had unmatched you.


Tinder being the most popular dating site, loved by the bachelors and an efficient and lively site that most of the adults especially youth and bachelors are fond of. We have described in our blog above the possible points that could be the reasons why your tinder match has been disappeared.

There could be technical issues too which might be causing problems. So, don’t get dishearten if it happens and remember whatever happens, happens for good.