Siri vs Google Assistant: The Battle of the Voice Assistants!

Everyone in the world is looking forward to taking the best services from virtual assistant apps, but the question arises that right now all these virtual assistant apps like Google assistant or Siri are efficient enough to answer almost all your questions. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is our future and one of the biggest revolutions we’ve ever experienced in Smartphone applications.

When it comes to Android, Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistant apps providing its services to users right now and similarly, in Apple, Siri is ahead of other competitive apps. After Google has announced that Google Assistant will now work in Apple products as well, it gave birth to the biggest debate apple Siri vs google now which is going to be the best.

Probably it is hard to decide who is better, when it comes to Google assistant vs Siri, as they both have their own specialization and working techniques. That’s why we did the comparison between ok google vs Siri and have tried to find out Siri vs Google assistant, who’s better. Read More