All You Need to Know About Touch Screen Technology!

Today, technology has reached new dimensions in every field, whether we talk about electrical devices or the appliances we used in our homes. Modern technology is focused towards the betterment of our everyday life, now we can control almost all our devices with just a touch of our finger. Well, touchscreen devices are today’s trend as they are continually getting better and better with changing times and almost everyone is using them in their day to day life.

When the smartphone came for the first time in the market, the touchscreen used by manufacturers was resistive touchscreens. The technology we are using right now in our Smartphones is capacitive touchscreen technology which is capable of completing multiple instructions at the same time which is not possible in resistive touchscreen technology.

Today, many types of touchscreens are available in the market with different characteristics and specialties, some of them work on infrared beams and on the other hand some works on sound and light waves. If you’re curious to know how these touchscreens work, then for your help we have listed selected touchscreen techniques and also the principals on which they work which is mentioned below. Read More